Make an Irish coffee with us!

Enjoy a touch of luxury in the comfort of your own home with our easy ‘how to’ recipe showing you step by step how to create a warming Irish Coffee.


  • 30ml shot of your preferred Whiskey
  • A shot of Espresso Coffee
  • Cream
  • 1 tsp brown sugar if required (Optional)


  1. Heat your glass with some boiling water. Make sure you have a metal spoon in the glass when adding the boiling water to prevent the glass from cracking. Heating the glass keeps your Irish Coffee warm for longer so you can savour the moment.
  2. Pour in a measure of Irish whiskey
  3. Add a shot of espresso (if you are making an Irish Coffee at home you may need to add the coffee granules and some boiling water too)
  4. Add in a spoonful of sugar. Make sure the sugar is mixed into the coffee well. Check the bottom of the glass to make sure there on no granules left at the bottom and top it off with hot water.
    …and now add the cream
  5. Lightly whip the cream so that it is very slightly thickened, don’t whisk the cream too stiffly or you won’t be able to pour it.
  6. Turn a spoon upside down and place the tip of the spoon inside the coffee glass just on top of the coffee making sure that the edge of the spoon is touching the glass
  7. Now slowly pour the whipped cream over the spoon. It should flow over the top of the spoon and land softly on top of the coffee.
  8. Decorate with a few coffee beans & Enjoy!


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